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Thames Bridges West of London

The next four bridges on the Thames west of Westminster near London are Lambeth, Vauxhall, Chelsea, and Albert. These are only a short walk west from Westminster, but are probably not seen by most tourists to London. This is unfortunate, because each is beautifully decorated with unique engineering, complementary color scheme, and, in the case of Vauxhall Bridge, statues. The bridge has four piers, and each has a statue on both the upstream and downstream sides. The Vauxhall statues are single, bronze, larger-than-life figures of both men and women, robed in classical style. One of the challenges in enjoying these types of decorations today is that they cannot be easily seen or photographed from the shore or the bridge deck. The figures were meant to be viewed from boats, so that is the only good way to see them.


There is a description of a London bridge tour provided in Chapter 9 of my book, Bridgespotting: A Guide to Bridges that Connect People, Places, and Times, and descriptions of the decorative color schemes and statues on the west London bridges scattered throughout the book.

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